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Refrigerant Reclamation, Recovery and Recycling Solutions for Hackensack, NJ

Refrigerant Solutions is an industry leader in refrigerant recovery, reclamation and recycling. We can help your business save money and go green with our refrigerant services.

Our Refrigerant Reclamation Process

Today, environmentally friendly refrigerant solutions address air conditioning and refrigerant needs of multiple industries.  There is a high demand for refrigerants across multiple industries. Refrigerant reclamation helps to achieve this goal by improving operating efficiency resulting in lower costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Refrigerant Reclamation and Recovery for Your Business

Refrigerant reclamation is a process that removes refrigerant from equipment and cleans the refrigerant of impurities that can build up. Reclaimed refrigerant can be returned to the same equipment to save owners the expense of purchasing new refrigerant. Owners also enjoy energy saving due to increased operating efficiency. Recovery involves transferring refrigerant from equipment and placing it into DOT approved containers by licensed technicians.

Headquartered in Foxborough, MA we're excited to offer our refrigerant recycling services Hackensack, NJ commercial property owners, property management companies, municipalities, schools and universities. Choose Refrigerant Solutions to reclaim, recycle, or recover your refrigerant for your business. We serve Hackensack, NJ as well as New Jersey, New York and all of New England.


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