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Refrigerant Recycling Services for Commercial Property Owners, Property Management Companies Municipalities, Government, Schools and Universities in the Boston, MA Area

Refrigerant Solutions has been providing premier refrigerant recycling services to commercial property owners. municipalities, government, schools and universities in the Boston area for more than 15 years. We utilize the most up to date technology and have the ability to meet any level of demand.

Overview of Products and Services

Refrigerant Solutions Inc. is a complete resource for all of your refrigerant recovery or recycling needs. Services include on-site recovery, on-site recycling, cylinder evacuation, cylinder repair, dehydration, cleaning, and reclamation.

A Customer-Centered Company

Our priority is our customer's satisfaction. As an employee-owned company, we closely monitor and guarantee satisfaction with our services. Clients experience significant long-term savings and energy efficiencies through our cleaning and testing programs.

We provide free estimates and welcome your inquiry and questions regarding our services. Call Refrigerant Solutions Inc. to speak with a member of our team about how our services can assist you with your refrigerant related needs.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. As a privately owned company, we closely monitor and guarantee the quality of our products.


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