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Let us test and recertify your refrigerant tank

Testing and having tanks recertified is much more cost-effective than replacing them or risking fines for using tanks that fall short of government standards. If we identify issues during testing, we can repair tanks and retest them. Throughout the process, you needn’t worry about down time. Our tank-loaner program eliminates potential business disruptions.

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More about hydrostatic testing

Hydrostatic testing is a process that goes beyond visual inspections. A visual inspection can give you an idea of the exterior of the tank but you still don't know what is going on inside of the tank. Things like moisture, stress, work hardness and other factors can weaken the integrity of the tank to the point where you could have catastrophic failure when you pressurize the tank. 

Hydrostatic testing involves putting the tank in a specially designed pressure chamber and filling both the tank and the chamber with water. The tank is then pressurized to twice the specified working pressure and as the tank expands it displaces water. The displaced water is measured and when the pressure is released the amount of water that is not gone back into the tank is measured. The difference between these two measurements shows how much the tank is actually distorted and this measurement must fall within certain parameters to ascertain the integrity of the tank. If the tank distorts too much it will fail the test because it shows that the tank walls can no longer handle the design pressures.

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